DaMeMatsusan is a Japanese card collection game developed by CrossGames and published by DMM Games and was released on May 31st 2017. It's essentially an Osomatsu-san parody of Ensemble Stars.

I am in need of a wikia god to help me out big time with certain elements in this wikia. Let me know if you're up to it.


Anyone who has some time and knows jp and English, feel free to help translate this game. Please double check what pages exist before making more. Also double check that the image isn't already uploaded.

--For card images rn I have a method of naming. Beginning of character name+short descrip+rarity number.png e.g jyushieaster4.png--

--For "bloomed" art you would name it the same as the normal one but add bloom after the rarity number e.g jyushieaster4bloom.png--

To Do
  • Add large enough official images for character pages.
  • Make templates for cards (the 3 types) also for SP cards.
  • Find out card names and add their pages and add to appropriate categories. Add only what is UPLOADED so far BEFORE continuing. Start from oldest to newest. Don't worry if you don't see the bloomed art. That ver has same name as the default just with bloom at the end so its easy to find.
  • Make event page for current event.
  • Insert a slideshow of current event page, game guide, connection page?
  • Make card list table (wip).
  • Translate card info like skills.
  • Add info to the character pages.
To Fix
  • How to make sub categories display as an image??
  • Fix Outfits table. Item icon and item name need to be centered. Make each table collapsable(with a button).
  • In categories when listing a lot of pages it does not show ALL of the pages except for at the bottom in the alphabetical index?
  • How to remove that annoying alphabetical index at bottom?
  • How to make subcategories visually show up?(look in Cards category)
Needed Content
  • The small icon thumbnails of each card.(mainly for card list index)
  • Any cards we are currently missing and their "bloom" art.
Template Wishlist
  • card templates for each attribute+sp card templates
  • jp timezone time box
  • to hide the alphabetical list and have images for subcategories
  • to be able to list all pages inside the categories+ rearrange order of the pages????
  • card list template to hopefully save some space?

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