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Rank You earn experience from completing lessons. When you rank up WP/GP are fully regenerated. Your WP increases and you might unlock more main story chapters.

WP WP(WillPower)

GP GP(?)

Pine Coin Pine Coins are used for scouting and leveling up cards.

Yen Yen are used for Yen Scouting and generating WP and GP. You can earn them by completing missions or buying in the shop.


There are four types of jewels. They are used for increasing your cards stats and other things in its Rainbow Road.

  • Round jewels
  • Square jewels
  • Domed jewels
  • Pine jewels(large)

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Rarity There are rarities 1-5.

Attribute There are three types of attributes.

Level Cards gain experience and level when you use them in lessons or by using points. The max level of the card increases if you get a duplicate of the card. The card gains 5 levels per duplicate. The level max depends on the rarity of the card.

Stats Each card has three different types of stats.

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There are 4 types of scouting

  • Limited scouting which normally happens when events are going.
  • Premium scouting which costs 290 yen for 10 pull.
  • Pine Coin scouting(3star+) which costs 10,000 coins for 10 pull.
  • Pine Coin scouting which costs 1,000 coins for 10 pull.

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